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Closing Out

Efficiency and Success

Experience seamless as-built project preparation and real-time documentation with Das Structure. Submit completion budgets efficiently to project owners, streamlining financial handovers. A comprehensive project summary outlines activities, resources, and outcomes, guiding future endeavors. Das Structure covers all expenses, facilitating effective risk management, training, and compliance.

  • Final Design
  • At Completion Budget
  • Final Report
  • Budgeting

Final Design

Experience flawless preparation of as-built projects with Das Structure. Efficiently document real-time changes and updates for comprehensive project records.

At Completion Budget

Efficiently prepare and submit the completion budget to the project owner with Das Structure. Streamline the process for a seamless handover of financial details.

Final Report

The comprehensive project summary outlines activities, resources, budget, timeline, risks, and outcomes. An invaluable guide for future projects, facilitating learning from past experiences.


Comprehensive project budget covers all expenses: direct costs (materials, labor), indirect costs (office space, utilities), contingency, risk management, communication, training, permits, legal fees, and more.