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Construction Management

Elevate your projects with Das Structure!

Das Structure redefines construction management with a hybrid methodology, fusing traditional and agile approaches. Allocate resources, establish timelines, and schedule tasks with utmost efficiency. Our detailed budgeting incorporates bottom-up or three-point estimation, covering all project costs. Compliant with corporate structures, we excel in preparing procurement packages. Embrace hybrid methodologies for seamless tracking, control, auditing, and reporting (weekly, monthly).

  • Planning (Hybrid Methods)
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement
  • Monitoring (Hybrid Methods)

Planning (Hybrid Methods)

The stage where resources and budget are allocated, timelines are established, and tasks are assigned and scheduled using a hybrid methodology that combines both traditional and agile approaches.


Detailed estimated budget that accounts for all costs associated with the project using bottom-up
estimation or three-point estimation.


Preparation of procurement packages and operation of
processes in compliance with the corporate structure

Monitoring (Hybrid Methods)

The implementation of hybrid methodologies in tracking,
controlling, auditing, and reporting (weekly, monthly, etc.) processes.