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Critical for informed decisions.

Pre-construction document outlines project scope, estimated budget (using top-down, analog, or parametric techniques), general planning covering all tasks, identification of team roles with diverse skills and expertise. Institutionalizing efforts involve tracking, controlling, auditing, and reporting processes..

  • Project Charter
  • Estimated Planning
  • Team Formation
  • Enterprise Structuring

Project Charter

Formal document that outlines the scope, estimated budget for the project, and may be created using topdown estimation, analog estimation, or parametric estimation techniques

Estimated Planning

Estimated Planning involves creating a detailed plan that encompasses all project tasks, ensuring effective resource allocation, time management, and project success through careful consideration of each aspect.

Team Formation

Optimizing project success through strategic role allocation, empowering a diverse team with unique skills & expertise for seamless collaboration and efficient task execution

Enterprise Structuring

Implementing crucial measures to build robust tracking, control, audit, and reporting systems, guaranteeing project transparency and maximizing efficiency.